Karen Marie Dion, Author, Speaker & Coach


 Karen Marie Dion's books, Out of the Orchard: The True Story of Me, and Into The Wilderness, One Woman's Extraordinary Journey through Corruption, Lies, and Betrayal, are true life portrayals that read like fiction. They detail how Karen  Marie recovered from a dysfunctional background and traumatic events to  find a fulfilling life.  Now, she is an inspirational speaker, chef,  mother and cancer-survivor who is passionate about encouraging others.  Karen Marie coaches small groups, businesses, government, and civic  organizations in communication enhancement and leadership development in  addition to sharing her stories of inspiration and courage. She lives  with her husband in their award-winning bed & breakfast in Vermont  where she enjoys her family, historic preservation, gardening, painting,  entertaining, and of course, writing. 


Speaking Topics

  • Relationships
  • Faith
  • Inspiration
  • Empowerment
  • Hope
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Healing
  • Recovery​
  • Perseverance



Because you always knew there has to be a better way.

Into the Wilderness, One Woman's Extraordinary Journey throug... by Karen Marie Dion

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