Discovering More About Karen Marie Dion

 "I hope my work can serve as an  inspiration for others. Hopefully my readers and listeners can find  purpose even in the midst of pain, comfort and assurance regardless of  circumstance, and refreshment to flourish." 

     Karen  Marie has a diverse background that enables her to relate on many  levels. She is just as comfortable talking to a charity or small group  as she is in presenting to a large business or organization. 

    "I  used to feel like I had nothing important to say, and when asked to  present one of my learning programs, I relied heavily on the  intellectual part of the program. That was fine for a season, but the  more I interacted with my seminar participants and readers, the more I  realized that everyone is looking for more vulnerability. Sharing how I  overcame a dysfunctional past and traumatic situations enables me to  empathize, and hold out hope for others to grasp."

    Her  authenticity is indeed what appeals to most. Rather than  self-preservation, or sugar-coating the traumatic experiences she has  endured, she shares them with raw honesty, inviting her readers to grow  with her. Karen Marie shares what she has learned through the difficult,  even surreal, times in such a way that others feel empowered to tackle  their own hardships and turn them into successes. 

     "Everyone  needs a little refresher now and then. Beyond that, it's important to  evaluate how our internal talk and subconscious thoughts impact our here  and now, and ultimately, our destiny. I love to see others encouraged  and inspired to reach their dreams and enrich their relationships."

How To Get Out of the Box and Blossom

 Karen Marie Dion is an Author, Speaker, and Coach. She has spent about  15 years encouraging better communication, life skills, and authentic  spiritual growth in civic and faith /inspiration seeking groups,  businesses, and individuals. Learn more about Karen and her work at